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When old flames unite, the heat is on!

Kyana Brady never intended to return to small-town life in upstate New York, but reality doesn’t give a damn about plans. She dropped everything to care for her dying aunt. Now that Rose is gone, Kyana realizes something else has changed—her priorities. Her high-paid, higher-stress law career no longer holds any appeal.

While debating her future, an insomnia-driven stroll turns into a desperate dash to save Rose’s elderly friend, Benjamin, from his burning house. And he’s always believed one good turn deserves another. So the old man rewards Kyana’s bravery with a little meddling in her love life.

After Ben’s great-nephew Logan witnesses his childhood friend’s bravery on the news, he rushes home to help his uncle rebuild. But before his hammer hits the first nail, sparks are flying. The heat between him and Kyana melts old affection into a completely new—and combustible—relationship.

Before they have a chance to discover how hot their love will burn, another disaster threatens to separate them forever. After all, they say bad luck comes in threes…

Warning: A love affair that’s been ten years in the making is sure to be hot enough to scorch. And everyone knows, where there’s smoke there’s fire.



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From Jill at Ramblings and Reviews, “There are certain authors that astound me.  I will sit back and admire at a beautifully crafted sentence. Jane Austen was and always will be the queen of this talent.  Nalini Singh is fantastic and one of my favorites with this gift.  And Jayne Rylon is phenomenal.  When it comes to painting moments in a book with a single, well-written sentence an author that does it well causes me to stop and sigh.  In chapter one of “Where There’s Smoke” I experienced the first of many of these moments:  “Her existence gone from an intricate melody of bright, well-timed notes to a long-held, somber chord that carried over from measure to measure.”  Brilliant.”

4.5 Stars and True Gem from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews, “It’s so rare that the heroine is the one to build up her partner, but that’s exactly what happens in this book. Kyana sets out to show Logan that money doesn’t buy happiness and the people you love will love you no matter what. I was impressed that Kyana was steadfast in her pursuit of a relationship with Logan. I love that Logan was able to put his money issues aside and go after the one thing he always wanted, Kyana.  This book is a little different from Jayne’s normal erotic genre, but I enjoyed it just the same. In addition to an outstanding love story this novella has some sultry sex and a little mystery to boot. I love that she stepped outside her normal style and feel that this book will appeal to readers who prefer more mainstream romance. However, I feel Jayne’s fan base will enjoy reading this book and find it just intriguing as her other works!”