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Through my window, a sea of strangers swirl and retreat like waves in an ocean of humanity. I brush my hair, fix my makeup and flip on the glaring red light in my booth before turning to face my audience on the other side of the glass.

For Star, this is just another night on the job, though no two are ever alike. She loves her career and excels at bringing her customers pleasure, relief or intimacy. Adaptable and perceptive, she becomes many things in the course of one evening–whore, lover, nurse, psychologist and friend. But above all, she’s still a woman. And her customers change her with every encounter. Through her window, she observes the world and enhances it when it spills into her realm.



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A-, Loving Venus, Loving Mars, “The story’s overall tone is so erotic, the actual sex in the book flows seamlessly through the plot without competing with narrative, something all great erotica does. The erotic scenes themselves are well-written and unique, varied to suit the moods and preferences of Star’s different customers. Through My Window is a definite keeper. It reads a little like how an accomplished prostitute should perform (I think.) It’s a well-written fantasy, both revealing and mysterious, pure escapist entertainment for a reasonable price.”

9 out of 10 from Seriously Reviewed, “Intriguing, captivating, sexy, and different. It’s brilliantly written with a style and flavor unique to Ms. Rylon. The words smoothly slipped off the page like sipping fine wine. For a topic that could be gritty and seedy, it wasn’t. Star’s perspective on her place in the world isn’t raucous, rather she sees the beauty she brings into her customers life. This is a short story worth picking up. A pleasure to read.”

5 stars from “A” on Ellora’s Cave, “Excellent erotic short story. Rylon’s ice-cream smooth prose, vivid characterization, and intimate setting stole me away to glamorized fantasy of an evening in the life of an Amsterdam prostitute who loves her work. I really admired Star’s honesty and finesse with her clients. Very refreshing to read the main character as a very human, credible person instead of a stereotype. I liked how comfortable Star was with her sexuality and her use of it in her profession. No shame, guilt, or concern, and no wild, over-the-top justification of prostitution. I also liked Star’s openess to experience and sensation. Star’s various clients are personalized enough the reader appreciates their involvement. The narrative is well-rounded with a satisfying conclusion. Editorial quality is terrific. I’d buy a lot more of EC’s books if more books matched the standards of quality and professionalism in this one.”

5 Hoots from Nocturne Romance Reviews, “Great Characters! I wouldn’t have expected to find any of there characters endearing but I was pleasantly surprised. Smartly written, very intriguing.”

reviewertoppick5 Stars, Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews, “Star being a sex worker may turn off some readers. Don’t let it. In Europe, being a sex worker is legal and regulated helping keep not only the workers safe from harm and disease but their clients also. This is a legitimate job choice with unions, benefits and everything else that comes with a regular job.  If I hadn’t already fallen in love with Star, I definitely would have reading this story. She takes you into her world and lets you see what she does and why. It’s more than just a bunch of hot sex, though that is in there, it’s getting a glimpse of a life style we seldom see.  Give this story a try but don’t be surprise if you fall in love with Star too!”

4 1/2 Tea Cups from Happily Ever After Reviews, “While the book is unlike any I have read before, Jayne Rylon created a unique story with a happy ending twist. You get a blend of steamy romance and great character development wrapped into a sexy plot. The story deserves a longer book in my opinion. I really enjoyed the concept behind this quick read. I finished it in one sitting and I’m hoping for more from this wonderful author. If you’re looking for a short, spicy story with playful characters and incredible relationships, don’t miss out on this book.”

5 Stars from ItsyBitsyBookBits, “Sex workers are often depicted as women or men who come from desperate situations; it was a delight to read a piece where the protagonist loves her job, craves her clients, and luxuriates in her power as a woman of the night.”