TikTok is a rapidly growing social media app that has been downloaded more than 2 billion times! A thriving community of readers known as Booktokers are hanging out there, recommending and buying tons of books. Are you missing out on tapping into this audience becasue you don’t know how to get started?

Join two authors who had no idea what they were doing when they first stumbled across TikTok, but set out to learn everything about it, and managed to grow to more than 1,000 followers each in a single week. We’ll share what we’ve discovered along the way and help you jumpstart your account, including identifying your audience, developing a Tiktok content plan, and building a portfolio of posts to kickstart your presence on the platform.

“Love Jayne and Lila’s explanations and assignments. Totally recommend to anyone wanting to learn about BookTok and TikTok in general!” Carly Phillips, NY Times Bestselling Author

In just over a week of taking the course, I’m 50 people away from the first 1000! The tutorials were GREAT, the homework was just right, and I totally got the confidence to take on this platform I was very unsure about.”

“Romancing TikTok is an awesome introduction to learning the app!! The course is interactive and jam-packed with information you can put to use with daily lessons and input from Lila and Jayne. Highly recommended!”

“I loved Lila and Jayne’s TikTok class! Even though I’ve already been active on TikTok for a while, they had some material on things I hadn’t figured out myself yet. Also, being able to go through it together with others really helped with the community feeling. Definitely recommend!” Golden Angel

“This class was amazing! Lila and Jayne explained TikTok so that even complete newbies (that was me!) got it. After less than a week, my account has already gained hundreds of followers, and I’m seeing great engagement–and even sales!”

“I was afraid to use TikTok but Lila and Jayne made it so easy to navigate and post. I’d highly recommend this course to anybody who wants to build their BookTok brand and have a lot of fun doing it!”

What’s Included?

This ten-day intensive workshop consists of a two-hour kickoff Zoom presentation that will get you comfortable with the app from the ground up and help you devise a content strategy for your brand.

Over the remainder of the class, you’ll complete one assignment each day. They will guide you through creating a portfolio of TikTok videos, each of which will teach you how to use a new TikTok feature or develop additional skills. The assignments each include video tutorials, templates, and examples to walk you through the details of creating impactful videos that tap into BookTok’s unique trends, themes, or cultural norms.

Lila and Jayne will provide feedback on each TikTok you create, and be available for coaching and live Q&A via scheduled Zoom office hours. In addition, you will receive access to a private Facebook group where the rest of the class discussions will take place.

Lila & Jayne will brainstorm with you and make suggestions to empower you to translate your brand into a series concept that will shape your content strategy on the platform. Together, they’ll map out pitfalls to avoid and get you started with resources like a hashtag cheat sheet, flattering filming setups, a suggested equipment list, and more.

After posting your videos so the world can fall in love with your books over the course of the intensive, you’ll have the reciprocal support of your fellow classmates to boost your posts and jumpstart your growth on the platform. The community will remain available after the class ends for students to bounce ideas off of each other, support each other, and refine their strategies going forward.

Who Should Take This Class?


Romance authors (or really any authors, but we will be focusing on romance) who:

    1. Have never used TikTok
    2. Tried it and abandoned it because it was overwhelming or confusing or
    3. Are on TikTok but having no luck reaching readers
    4. Want to sell more books
    5. Want to reach a new audience

Who Are We?

Jayne Rylon and Lila Dubois are full time authors with over 130 published books between them. They rely on social media to make their living, have strong author brands, and they judge everything based on its ability to reach readers and sell books.

Friends for over ten years, Jayne and Lila are writing accountability partners and creative and business sounding boards for each other.

This is their first joint class, but both Jayne and Lila offer other services, and have experience teaching and helping fellow authors. Jayne offers author coaching and business consulting, while Lila offers Facebook Ad Management and graphics services in addition to their writing.

Registration is Limited, Don’t Miss Out!

Because we will be responding to each student and walking people through posting, we’re strictly limiting attendance. The class sold out the last time it was offered.

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