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There’s a thin line between protection and betrayal…and they’re dancing on it.

Men in Blue, Book 2

Isabella’s marriage to the wealthiest man in the state looked fairytale perfect. Only she knows the truth behind the nightmare forcing her to run with the clothes on her back, the scars on her body and no one to trust. Not even her own father.

When the man hunting her has unlimited resources, hiding in plain sight is a wise choice. Isabella basks in the protection of the limelight as an instructor on a pro-am TV dance competition. Perfect plan, except her ornery partner is packing moves she never learned in any studio.

A rookie mistake in the line of duty earned Razor months of rehab and a healthy distrust of innocent-looking women. Determined to prove to his fellow men in blue his green has worn off, he goes undercover as Isabella’s dance partner to investigate her possible involvement in a sex-slavery ring. But as he attempts to cozy up for information, their instant chemistry challenges his detached composure.

An attempt on her life should have cleared the air. Instead it muddies the waters even more, forcing them both to trust each other. And depend on the one thing Razor thought he’d lost. His instinct.

Warning: This book contains ultra-sexy young cops, who aren’t afraid to show a girl their best moves on and off the dance floor.


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5 Stars from Stefani with Just Erotic Romance Reviews (JERR), “Great story! Razor’s Edge: Men in Blue 2 surprised me with the depth of the characters, and the perfect flow of the story itself. Isabella is not what I expected, and I loved her character! Not at all the spoiled rich girl that I expected, she was honest and personable. The chemistry between the two leading characters just leapt from the pages, which made the story all the more powerful. Razor is young, but boy! If it’s true that men get better with age, I’d love to read more stories with him. There were several secondary characters, including the introduction of Isabella’s sister, who is fascinating. I look forword to reading her story. Everything about this book was perfect, there was enough sexual tension throughout this story that when the characters finally gave in, whew! The sparks were hot and bright. I can’t say enough about this story, it’s a winner, you just won’t find many written as well.

4 Stars from Veronica Knoll of RT Booklover Magazine, “Razor’s Edge balances humor and eroticism perfectly and the revelations behind heroine Isabella’s failed marriage, her family history and a sex slavery ring keep the plot fresh and full of suspense. Isabella will resonate with readers as a spunky, resilient heroine with an undeniable sultry side. Her pairing with Razor provides absolutely electric chemistry and the entire first half of the novel reads as great foreplay until the two can consummate their desire. Readers may have to suspend their disbelief for a few of the raunchier scenes — and some may be turned off by kinkier S&M scenarios involving Isabella’s villainous husband Malcolm and other men. Nevertheless, the novel’s sexual scenes deepen the readers’ understanding of the characters. You won’t want to miss the next installment of this guilty pleasure series!”

5 Hearts from Karin at The Romance Studio, “Jayne Rylon has written a fantastic follow up story to the first Men in Blue book. This book is a lot of fun and has plenty of unexpected twists that lead up to a great ending. Though they can be read individually, after meeting the characters readers will want to read all of the books.”

5 Stars from Contessa at Romance Junkies, “There were so many shocking twisters, spine-tingling suspense and devilish sexual play.I just had to keep reading until the conclusion emerged.”