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Ireland, Twelfth century

“Do you love me?”

Conn peered down into the adoring eyes of the alluring young witch. Lying beside him on the forest floor, the light dappled her fair skin. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as she recovered from their frolicking dash through the trees. Enchantment surrounded her, lounging on a bed of leaves, raven hair strewn about her delicate frame. A word away from her surrender, he refused to lie to her.

“Deirdre, I care for you.”

“But you don’t love me.” Though her eyes flashed with hurt, her tone reflected resignation. He honored their pact to settle for nothing less, despite the consequences.

“I’m sorry.” The words were soft but final. Conn let the regret and longing that ached inside him flow through his kiss.

It was goodbye.

Deirdre relaxed beneath him as though absorbing each scrap of emotion from the final contact. He retrieved his sword from the mossy ground, buckled it over his tunic and then swung a leg over the stallion waiting at the side of the clearing. “I never meant to hurt you.”

Rising in front of him, she blocked his path. The flowing silver gown draped around her. Its embroidered belt, which proclaimed her high rank, cinched her waist, emphasizing her figure as she spread her arms wide. Power crackled through the air as tears dripped from her midnight eyes and dropped silently to the forest floor.

“Conn.” The plea in her voice could not be mistaken. “I’m sorry also. Someday you’ll understand that true love means doing what’s right even at great personal cost.”

A sudden, unnatural heat enveloped Conn, starting with his legs and spreading up his torso. Panic accompanied it, causing him to struggle with a desperation reserved for survival. “Deirdre! What are you doing? Stop this!”


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