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Contains Picture Perfect and Reborn by NYT Bestselling author Jayne Rylon

Picture Perfect

Conn Hennessey suffered nine hundred years trapped in a godforsaken painting. Halloween magic gives him one chance at freedom. With just twenty four hours to break the spell, by convincing the woman he loves they belong together, a day never seemed so short.

Dana Kavanagh wishes she were gullible enough to believe her sexy stranger’s story. He looks and acts like the man of her dreams but magic, time travel and a pissed off witch seem farfetched. Afraid of looking like a fool if it’s a hoax, can she live with the consequences if she’s wrong?

The clock is ticking…


Amystia didn’t think anything could be hotter than five-thousand wild years of passion with the most powerful vampire on Earth. Then she and her mate, King Dagan, began a steamy affair with his closest advisor. Threesomes with her two lovers were never supposed to be more than fun bu, somehow, both her and Dagan’s feelings have blossomed into something deeper than respect and friendship for Warren.

As they are on the cusp of proposing a more permanent relationship, a terrible accident destroys all plans for the future. Dagan’s life hangs in the balance. In a desperate bid to save him, Amystia and Warren invoke ancient magic through a steamy ritual. If they fail, they’ll all be doomed to eternal darkness. If they succeed, can their eternal love rise from the ashes?

This book was previously published as Phoenix Incantation.


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Imaginative, colorful and utterly sexy. The concept of your own personal stalker right in your own bedroom shall give voyeurs and voyeur wannabes a pleasurable thrill as they read Jayne Rylon‘s fantastic tale of wanting, needing and longing. A sizzing fairytale come true.”  5 out of 5 flags, Euro-Reviews

“Jayne Rylon has given us her very own work of art in Picture Perfect.  This is one amazing love story that will pull at your heartstrings and make your soul sing at the same time! This is one blazing hot book; you will need to wear gloves while reading so you do not get your hands scorched! The love scenes will leave you breathless and yearning for more.”  5 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews

The tantalizing suspense and deep feelings the characters ushered me into was like being lead into a dark theater, listening to time tick away like a time bomb that was ready to explode at any given moment, without knowing what was on the program. The not knowing what was going to happen next amazed me considerably. So I sank by degrees slowly into the movement of the story, just like sinking down into my comfortable couch. I was lost in the romance of, PICTURE PERFECT. Truly an appealing historical lore completed with sensual ecstasy. The vivid descriptions of the time period were awesome!”  4 1/2 Hearts, The Romance Studio

“What is there not to love about this story. Undying love and only one chance to try to make it real? Sigh! The love between the two characters is so real, so pure, that as a reader I felt it from start to finish. Rylon can surely write his romances! The scenes were tantalizing and picturesque!This is surely a story not to miss! This is a must read and the author is on my favorites list!” 4 stars, The Pen and Muse

Night Owl Reviews Top Pick! “Jayne Rylon is a talented author and is able to weave a great read. There was definitely a lot of love between these two and it’s easy to love them. Great job Ms. Rylon.” 4.5 star Top Pick by Night Owl Reviews


1. Picture Perfect
2. Reborn
3. Paranormal Double Pack