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Some secrets refuse to stay hidden.

Lacey Daughtry’s perfect weekend is interrupted by tragic news of her brother’s murder in the line of duty. Plagued by a rash of mysterious phone calls, she turns to her brother’s best friends and fellow officers for protection…and comfort.

Spending time in close contact with Mason and Tyler, the two men she’s dreamed of since her first girlhood crush, seems like the answer to a prayer. Especially when they begin to explore the desire she’s harbored for so long.

But the partners are holding out on Lacey. Determined to suppress the most extreme facets of their lust, they agree to settle for sharing the woman they crave while concealing their desire for each other. Until Lacey cracks their resolve, unleashing a torrent of emotions that threatens to distract them when they can least afford it.

Their blossoming relationship is complicated by secrets. And the only way to evade the killer threatening their lives is to bare their souls in the darkest hours of the night. Or everything will come crashing down, just before the dawn.

Warning: After reading this book you’ll never look at a pair of hot cops, a cemetery or a can of Spaghetti-O’s the same way again.


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5 Cherries, Long and Short of It, “Night Is Darkest is a story that packs one hell of a punch. Jayne Rylon manages to combine an intriguing story with captivating characters, creating a sensual roller coaster ride with some of the most sizzling protagonists you’re likely to meet. From the moment the story starts, you’ll be snared. … The material itself is tightly written and sharp, and the pace is so brisk you’ll soar through the pages and wonder where the time has gone.”

5 Heart TRS!5 Hearts and Sweetheart of the Week!, The Romance Studio, “Jayne Rylon has written a wonderful story with a number of twists that only make the ending that much more satisfying. Everything about it will draw readers in and keep them turning the pages until the very end.”

Praise from Nicole Austin, “I am in awe. Ms. Rylon’s writing flows smoother than silk. The story is packed with action, mystery and H O T sex! Lacey is sweet and tough and thankfully not naive. Mason and Tyler…dayum! ”

Reader Review from Sandie “Night is Darkest” by Jayne Rylon is a riveting story filled with danger and misunderstandings that kept me glued to my seat until the last page was read. It’s also a fantastic story that I will read again many times.  Jayne has given us a vivid look at the sorrow and pain felt by Rob’s sister and his two best friends after his vicious murder. The killer is still loose and someone appears to be stalking Lacey. Mason and Tyler, both cops, were Rob’s best friends and the longtime objects of Lacey’s heated dreams. They are also Lacey’s only safe haven after her brother’s death.  But will the three of them be able to navigate the dangerous currents of their feelings for each other?  The hot action between these three, in all its possible combinations, will have you hunting for a hunk or two of your own, along with lots of ice to put out the flames.  Night is Darkest by Jayne Rylon gets my Very, Very, Highest Recommendation!!!”


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