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All roads lead to where the heart calls home.

Northern Exposure
Silas Compton always planned to take his place at the head of Compass Ranch, but when the girl of his dreams catches him making out with her boyfriend, he exiles himself to Alaska rather than risk destroying his best friends.

When an accident sends him home years later, the attraction between them is impossible to resist. Colby and Lucy welcome him home, but he can’t forgive himself for the damage he’s caused. But things are starting to unravel at the ranch, and he has to step up. This time, his family is at stake.

Southern Comfort
Seth Compton has loved the boss’s daughter for years. Trouble is, Jody is too young, too feisty, and too damned independent for his dominating ways. When she returns from college with a diploma and a fiancé, though, all bets are off.

Jody never expected to wake up from her bachelorette party tied to sexy-as-sin Seth’s bed. He seems determined to show her they belong together, but his past disinterest is fresh in her memory. He wants her? He’ll have to work for it.

Lucky for Seth, he has plenty of rope.

Warning: This book is overflowing with sexy cowboys. We cannot be held responsible for any random YEEHAWs, hot flashes or a sudden longing for hogtying while reading.



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Recommended Read from Joyfully Reviewed!, “Northern Exposure is an exciting and passionate story.  I definitely fell in love with Silas.  He is the typical Alpha strong, silent type.  He thinks he knows what everyone feels and just because he thinks the worst means that’s how it will be.  Lucy and Colby do make an adorable couple but it’s easy to see something is missing: Silas.  When these three are reunited after a ten year absence the tension and excitement is palpable.  Northern Exposure is emotionally gripping!  There were times I wanted to cry and yell at the characters and other times when I was overwhelmed with happiness for them.  The entire Compton family is lovely and intriguing.  I absolutely got emotionally involved with this family.  There are many great aspects to this novella.  Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon have started a series that has all the essentials to be a winner.  Northern Exposure has plenty of sexy males, stunning women, a smart matriarch and patriarch as well as an encompassing story.  I am certainly looking forward to the next Compass Brothers story.”

4 Cherries from Whipped Cream reviews, “It is not everyday that you fall in love with all the characters in a book, but each one left me with a warm and contented feeling through out the story.   Both Jayne Rylon and Mari Carr did an incredible job telling this wonderful story, and the plot just flowed like cool water on a hot summer day from beginning to end. Yes, there were some steamy love scenes between the three — enough to make you squirm in your seat — but it was definitely done with good taste and a lot of soul deep emotion.   Northern Exposure is truly a love story that will warm the heart and take the chill of the winter from your bones. Do not miss this one –it will be an absolutely delicious addition to your library. I cannot wait for the next book in the Compass Brothers series so I can see how Lucy, Colby and Silas are doing as well as see what Silas’ other brothers are up to.”

5 stars from Scorching Book Reviews, “The sex scenes were blooming amazing. He is hot and he likes domination; I was going to love him! One of the most refreshing things was the fact that she was so sexually inexperienced, yet had no sort of hang-ups about what she shouldn’t enjoy. The fact that they both enjoyed themselves, made me enjoy the scenes more. Together they were evaporating the ink on the page!”

Smitten With Reading, “A really fabulous book.”

4.5 cherries from Holly at LASR, “This one starts out tame, but heats up quite nicely, and I recommend this to all of the die-hard romance junkies in the world. But keep the fan on high, and a cold drink is a necessity.”




1. Northern Exposure

2. Southern Comfort

3. Eastern Ambitions

4. Western Ties

5. Love’s Compass