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Book 4 in the Red Light Series

A 2013 Passionate Plume Finalist

After an amazing courtship filled with nights steamy enough to thaw the lingering winter chill, Sarah is finally beginning to believe she might have found the one man on earth who can support her career as a sex worker in Amsterdam’s Red Light district.  But when she asks around, it’s clear Rick isn’t taking advantage of the freedom their open relationship offers. None of the sexiest girls in the district have serviced him for months.  Not even Mari, a previous favorite.

Afraid of losing the star of her nice and extra naughty dreams, Sarah confronts her boyfriend about his change of heart.  Rick confesses he’s no longer interested in wild times without her.  Instead, he’d like to try experimenting with multiple partners, show off his sexy woman and revel in the company of like-minded hedonists.  Fortunately, he knows just the place for a debauched experience wicked enough to make even an experienced hooker blush.

A sexual free for all is on the menu at one of Amsterdam’s infamous swinger’s clubs.  Will it satisfy their hunger?




5 Roses from Ivelisse at Romance the Book, “I like to paint a picture in my mind when I read a book and Jayne painted the perfect picture for me with her very detailed descriptions. I liked how she didn’t change the characters and kept them true to who they are. This series is absolutely wonderful and deserves all the stars it gets. Bravo Jayne Rylon, you never disappoint me!”

4.5 stars from Lotus at LASR, “Ms. Rylon’s writing is very fluid, giving readers enough details to make them feel as though they are in the scenes living vicariously through the characters. This was a fun story and I look forward to reading more from Ms. Rylon. For a short story on a sex worker with hot erotic scenes, make sure you look for Free For All! It includes glimpses into a swingers’ club in Amsterdam. It will definitely satisfy your curiosity and leave you hot and bothered!!!”

4 stars from Alyn at Guilty Pleasures, “Things stay at a steady burn followed by a flaming hot finish that will make it worth the wait. The sex is descriptive and honest. It is easy to picture what it is like as a first time swinger that might be hesitant to join in the fun and how quickly inhibitions can be lost when couples start to get comfortable and enjoy each other’s pleasure.”