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Book #1 in the Racing For Love Series

Lynn Madison transformed from repressed corporate drone to bold seductress overnight when her online friends at Tempt the Cougar encouraged her to take charge of her destiny.  Their advice haunts her as she drools over the hottest Italian Stallion on the planet while stranded in an airport.

Sebastian Fiori is a master of speed.  A rally car driver, he’s used to winning on and off the track.  He sees no need to brake around the sophisticate who revs his engine.  After spotting Lynn’s decadent ménage novel, he prepares to take her for the ride of a lifetime—with his navigator, Mark.

Storm delays threatening Lynn’s brand new life would be far more upsetting if her young stud wasn’t offering a first-class ticket to indulge her fantasy on the way to fulfilling her dream.  Neither of them expects their rendezvous to last beyond their transatlantic flight on his private jet.  But sometimes there’s no escaping the forces of nature.



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5 Heart TRS! 5 Hearts from The Romance Studio, “Decadently sensual thrills, high energy, snappy dialogue and truly memorable characters make this a book that is impossible to put down. Once again, the very talented Ms. Rylon gives readers another treat, sure to satisfy as she takes them on an adventure, painting a vivid picture of each scene making them feel like a voyeur page after page. The authors off beat sense of humor works wonderfully, entangling readers in a tale that’s delightfully sexy. At the center of this sinfully sensual and fast paced story is an irresistible hero and sassy and bold lady creating rampant romance, tender emotions and raging passion. Sebastian is a sexy, funny, bad and dangerously thrilling young man who readers can’t help but fall in love with. Using Sebastian’s family, as well as the cougar blog ladies as secondary characters, adds to the charm of the romance and with the deliciously hot Mark adding to Sebastian and Lynn’s relationship is a particular treat. The rally car race provides a realistic and the perfect push that Lynn needs to admit her growing feelings for Sebastian. The well-written, smoking hot sex scenes are some of the most sensual and naughty play full of erotic fire and fun that will not disappoint the reader.  This wonderful book deserves to be on keeper shelves everywhere!”

5 Cups from Coffee Time Romance, “The dialogue and the settings were outstandingly written. Readers will receive support from characters of the previous books in the series, but I did not need to have read those books first. I am, however, planning on reading them all because Driven is so good. The sex is so excellent and hot that I suggest you have a loved one nearby…and ready. I am already looking for more books from Ms Rylon and can easily suggest Driven as a great, sexy tale.”

5 Cherries from Long and Short Reviews, “Fast cars and an even faster moving hot Italian driver. The one word that comes to mind when I think of Jayne Rylon’s Driven…breathless!”

4.5 Siren Stones from Siren Book Reviews, “Driven is a great story. It is fast-paced, action filled, and sexy making it a definite page turner. Sebastian and Lynn have great chemistry together. Their characters are both a little cheeky and funny, which adds wonderfully to the story… The editing was great and the story can be read in one sitting, which is good since you won’t want to stop! Based on the wonderful characters and smooth flow of this story, I would check out other works by Jayne Rylon.”

4.5 Stars from JERR, “Driven is a stand-alone installment of the Cougars Challenge series. Normally we rate book on a ehh to a grab your toys and have fun scale.  But Driven is a you’ll need those spare “just in case” panties read. ‘Cause this book is H-O-T!…I found myself lost in Sebastian’s sweet but over-the-top gestures and shivering just imagining his sexy accented voice whispering in my ear.  Although he was supposed to be this uber hot and famous guy, he was still very down-to-earth and somewhat humble.  This made it very easy to relate to him.  Lynn is the same way. Readers get the chance to see her grow emotionally and come to terms with her own needs.  Like most working women, she found herself living in a repressed box.  As I read, I could easily see myself as part of the Temp the Cougars group. Cheering her on to cut loose and then share all the nasty details. … The multiple scenes, exciting sexual situations and range of emotions kept the pace racing.  Some readers might object to the ménage scenes which take up a good portion of the book.  But I think that anyone looking for an easy read that makes your heart pound will enjoy Ms. Ryon’s Driven.”

4.5 Ravens from Black Raven’s Reviews, “an erotic tale that packs a punch with the turn of every page. The sex is hot, the scenery is beautiful, the characters are likable and the words flow smoothly over the page as Ms. Rylon introduces us to Lynn Madison and Sebastian Fiori.”



1. Driven

2. Shifting Gears

3. Racing For Love