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Copyright © 2012 Jayne Rylon

Neil swiped work-scuffed knuckles over his gaping lips to ensure no drool escaped. He couldn’t help but stare. Painted toes peeped from strappy sandals. They led his bulging eyes to a delicate ankle then up the pretty, tanned calf that poked beneath the open door of a beastly black truck. The sexy shoe rested on the running board before its equally delicious owner hopped down to street-level right outside the crew’s current fixer-upper.

Maybe the pick-up wasn’t any bigger than the one he and James owned. It could have been the sultry yet petite driver who made it seem as enormous as the whale sharks he and his boyfriend had spotted while snorkeling in Mexico last year. There too, most anything would have seemed gargantuan beside the glorious plum smuggler that had hugged James’s svelte hips as though he’d been shrink-wrapped into it.

Neil shook his head to clear the tropical memories of his lover. Between them and the chance run-in with this woman—one he’d love to lure inside and share with James—he’d be sure to sport wood when he met their new employee.

The lecture James had delivered on their ride in this morning resounded in his mind. “Try to tone it down until we get to know him, okay? The new guy might not be as accepting as the rest of the crew of our wild liaisons.”

Not many people were.

Wouldn’t be good if their recently hired apprentice quit before lunch.

The dude hadn’t showed yet, which meant Neil had to hang out here on the curb and wait for the schmuck. A mutual friend had highly recommended Devon Giles right when they’d decided they could use some temporary help. Most of the rest of the crew settled into new relationships and needed a little extra personal time compared to usual. After a bunch of debates, they’d agreed to try adding someone to their tight-knit group on a trial basis.

Running late on day one wouldn’t earn the guy any brownie points.

Still, the sweet view made up for abandoning James, who’d already started tearing up the old flooring by himself. Neil hated to let his partner shoulder more than his fair share. Generous and hardworking, his mate would push himself harder than he should. Neil swore he’d make it up to James with a killer back rub and slow, relaxed sex.

Maybe sooner rather than later if he ate his fill of such sweet eye candy.

The woman sauntered around to the other side of her truck and caused Neil to wonder if he was dreaming when she shucked her cornflower blue peasant blouse right there in the soft light of the spring morning. She left her racer-backed sports bra in place as she kicked off those sinful shoes and covered her cute pink pedicure with thick white socks before slipping her dainty feet into sturdy…construction boots?

What the—?


1. Kate’s Crew

2. Morgan’s Surprise

3. Kayla’s Gift

4. Devon’s Pair

5. Nailed To The Wall

6. Hammer It Home

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