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Book 3 in the Red Light Series featuring Star

PP7 FinalistWhat man would be crazy enough to date a whore?  Star is a sex worker in Amsterdam’s red light district.  After the intimate exchange between her and Rick, she’s hoped to take their adventure into affection farther.  Too bad he’s disappeared for weeks.

When he resurfaces, to deliver her portion of the paycheck they’d earned by starring in a live sex show together, the magnetism between them proves irresistible.  In the wake of undeniable passion, they’re left wondering if they can make a relationship work in unconventional circumstances.

They’re both convinced… you can buy sex, but you can’t buy love.  And nothing else will satisfy their hunger for each other.



5 Star, Top Pick from Night Owl Romance, “This story is written from Star’s point of view. Her emotions, insecurities and desires are all there to be shared. She takes you into her window and into her life. You meet her clients and hear some of their stories. Star’s dreams aren’t that much different than anyone else’s dreams. Her philosophies may be a bit more liberal but are they also more realistic in view of today’s high divorce rate?

Amsterdam and its red light district are portrayed very well. From the girls sitting in their windows to the houseboats in the canal, this is a terrific view of this city. The safety precautions that sex workers use is mentioned as well as their ability to turn down clients. This is a legal business in most of Europe and it is regulated that way.

The characters are exceptional. While you don’t know about Star’s family or how she became a sex worker, you do know she has good friends and has never really been in a serious relationship. She also has strong opinions and beliefs. From Rick you learn about his parents, their divorce and their love for each other, even if they can’t live together. From these facts, his ability to separate love from sex becomes clearer and more logical. Though the story is Star and Rick’s, there are a few of their friends that make an appearance. Those friends come across well enough that I’d like to know more about them.

This is the third book in Ms. Rylon’s Red Light Series. I first learned about this series during an online chat. Ms. Rylon explained how she did her research and how this series came about. Though I was curious, I still wasn’t sure if these books would be for me. I was concerned on how this sex worker would be portrayed and how her clients would be explained. Still, I had to give one of these books a chance and when I had the opportunity to review one, I took it.

This book exceeded my expectations. Though a sex worker is usually seen more of a home wreaker than the lead in a romance, Star was great. I became wrapped up in her life almost immediately. After all, what girl or woman hasn’t waited for that call from that special guy? Though this is the third book in the series, I didn’t feel as if I missed anything. This book is complete on its own. This isn’t a very long story but it’s full of emotion pulls and some really hot sex. You are in Amsterdam’s red light district after all!”