$5 Tees – Teespring Madness Winner’s Reward

Because you all were awesome and voted for the Read Past Bedtime tee to win Teespring’s bracket competition, they’ve relaunched the campaign with tees in all styles and colors for $5 each.  Hoodies are also available for $12 each.  I will never be able to match this pricing as the shirts are all selling at a loss, which Teespring is covering.  Get yours quick, though, because once these are gone they’re gone forever.  www.teespring.com/pastbedtime2

Teespring Madness

RebelOnTheRun72lgAlso, don’t forget that Rebel on the Run is out on Tuesday 4/22!  I can’t wait for you to meet Kaelyn and find out some things about Bryce’s past.  :)

You can pre-order it now from Amazon, B&N or iTunes.  All other vendors will go live on Tuesday.

Thanks again for your support as always,


Audiobook Insanity!

JayneRylon-DreamMachineDraft4I’ve got big plans for audio book releases this year.  I’m self funding these projects so if you’re an audophile and want to hear more, your support is greatly appreciated.  As long as there’s an audience, I’ll keep making my way through my backlist!  Nice and Naughty and Powertools are already out on iTunes, Amazon and Audible.  Report for Booty just hit virtual shelves last week.  In addition, Dream Machine is in production and will be released around the middle of Report For Booty Audio CoverApril.  Plus I just signed a contract for Night is Darkest, which will arrive sometime at the end of May.  WHEW!

JayneRylon-NiceandNaughtyFullSizeCheck them out here:

Audible – http://bit.ly/1clCVRN
iTunes – http://bit.ly/1hWQEh6
Amazon – http://amzn.to/1fNQbzn

Both Kitty Kelly and Eargasm Audiobook Reviews have given Report For Booty 4 stars.  You can read their full reviews by clicking the links to their page.

These audiobooks are made possible in part by your support of the existing catalog of audiobooks and in part through the proceeds from my teespring campaigns.  There’s one going right now for those of you who (like me) stay up way too late reading!  I hope you’ll take a peek.



Five Stars and Top Pick for Spread Your Wings

reviewertoppick2SpreadYourWings-RI’m thrilled to share a five star, top pick review from Terri at Night Owl Reviews for Spread Your Wings.

You can read the entire review on their site here, but here’s a snippet I love!  ”I was wondering how Ms Rylon was going to pull this one off and the way she did was perfect and heartbreaking. I read this book in one sitting as I couldn’t bear to put it down. Absolutely fantastic story.”


Summer Fling Out Now (Compass Girls #3)

SummerFling72lgYou can now get the latest installment in the Compton clan saga, Summer Fling.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1clkyde
B&N: http://bit.ly/1eMhJ1E
Samhain: http://bit.ly/1mqM289
iTunes: http://bit.ly/1f97Yk7

Summertime and the lovin’ is easy…until it’s not.

Compass Girls, Book 3

Too much love and loss taught Jade Compton to protect her heart and her sanity by steering clear of all that romance nonsense. She’s doing just fine, working two jobs, hanging out with her cousins and her best friend, Liam.

But when a combination of unbearable heat wave and a case of the boredom blues knocks her down, she longs to do something spontaneous…maybe even a little bit reckless.

Liam Harrison met Jade when she was sixteen—in the local cemetery. If he’s learned anything after eight years of friendship, it’s that Jade has a wild streak a mile wide. And while he doesn’t want to tame the adventurous woman, he wouldn’t mind showing her a few sexy ways to channel some of her impulsiveness. With him. In the bedroom.

When he proposes a sexy, no-strings-attached summer fling, Jade jumps at the chance to spice things up and indulge some pretty kinky fantasies. Then summer ends…and Jade comes to the uncomfortable realization that there’s only one place she’s comfortable in her own skin—Liam’s arms.

Product Warnings
Excessive heat in this story—in the bedroom, the barn, the kitchen, the bar. Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated!


Menage Fan Award Results – Thank you!

I wanted to send a big thank you to all the fans who nominated my books and then voted for them in the annual Menage Romance Fan awards.  I’m thrilled to say I just found out that I won three of the awards (Super Nova for Multicultural Menage, Mustang Sally for Erotica Menage, and Super Nova for Menage ending in a MF HEA).  Reader contests like this mean so much to me because I always hope you’re enjoying my stories.  Thank you all so much for reading and for your support of my books.

Congratulations to all the other winners as well!  You can check out the full list here:  http://marymenage.wordpress.com/2014/02/09/and-the-winners-are-for-the-2014-erotic-menage-romances-fan-awards/


5 Star Audio Book Review

JayneRylon-NiceandNaughtyFullSizeCheck out this awesome 5 star review of the audio book of Nice and Naughty by April at Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews.  Please read the full review at her site but I love this quote, “Gregory D. Salinas can read to me anytime!! Seriously call me up and read the phonebook!! He has a delicious growl to his voice that makes a girl swoon. Warning – Do not listen to this at work, you will not be able to concentrate on simple tasks and stout balding co-workers will suddenly look appealing. … I can only hope Ms Rylon puts more of her books on audio using this delicious narrator who gives multiple eargasms!!

You can win a prize pack from me too by entering the drawing on her blog!



Vote! Menage Romances Fan Awards


Awesome news!

Voting is now open for best menages of the year and I’ve been nominated in four categories (Western menage for Hope Springs, Interracial menage for Super Nova, Menage with HEA for Super Nova, Erotica menage for Mustang Sally). Thank you so much to everyone who nominated me and good luck to the rest of the contestants.

Come vote for your favorites!


Audiobook Release! Nice and Naughty

JayneRylon-NiceandNaughtyFullSizeIt’s here, it’s here!  Nice and Naughty in audiobook is on Audible.com! (Update:  It’s also available on Amazon and iTunes now too, see the link below)  Their email to me said it’d be on both vendors within a few days, though this is my first time doing this so I’ll wait and see like you all.  Even more amazing, they have a special program where if you sign up for a free 30 day Audible trial you can get the book for free!  To be totally honest, they run a bounty program where if Nice and Naughty is one of the first three books you buy after having an Audible membership, I make a $25 bounty in addition to royalties (felt it was only fair that I disclose that!), so if you’ve been wanting a membership, now’s the time.

In any case, I sincerely hope you enjoy the book in this new medium.  It’s an experiment for me, too.  I paid out of pocket to have the project produced in light of recent demand for audiobooks.  If you like listening to stories and want to hear more, please support this release so that I know it’s something I should pursue in the future.  If it’s a viable way to distribute my books, I’ll keep doing it.  Gladly!  Gregory D. Salinas did a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life and I’d love to see more of my stories get this treatment.

Available now on Audible, iTunes and Amazon (Amazon doesn’t allow direct linking to Audible products for some reason, just click the “Audible Audio Product” tab on my author page and you’ll see the title listed there).

Oh!  In other fun but random news, I got the cover for Swinger Style (Hot Rods #5) today too.  Check it out!SwingerStyle72lg The book will release on 6/24 and Rebel on the Run (Hot Rods #4) will hit ebook stores two months before that on 4/22.  More fun stuff to come!

I’m leaving Saturday for a SCUBA trip in Bonaire (Dutch Carribean) but I can’t seem to kick this upper respiratory infection so not sure that I’ll be diving.  I guess there are worse fates than writing sexy stories on a beach!  Especially when it’s -9 degrees here in Ohio right now.  See you all in ten days or so!


Giveaway! VIP Ticket to The Novel Experience ($100 Value)


Mr. Rylon and I are looking forward to traveling to Atlanta, GA at the end of March for The Novel Experience, a weekend long signing and party extravaganza.  I’ll be hosting a game night with Joey W. Hill and Carrie Ann Ryan in addition to signing books and hanging out with readers at cool places like the Georgia Aquarium!  Now you have a chance to win a VIP ticket for free, courtesy of Stella Price and the rest of the event organizers.  Entering is simple.  Just sign up for my newsletter the Naughty News, follow me on Facebook or Twitter.  If you already do those things you can enter your info in the rafflecopter form below to claim your entries too.  The caveats are that you have to have your own hotel room at the event (which is not covered by the giveaway) and that the prize is not transferable.  So go ahead and enter.  I hope to see you there!


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Cover Reveal – Audiobook – Nice and Naughty

JayneRylon-NiceandNaughtyFullSizeIt’s almost here!  Nice and Naughty is coming to audiobook very shortly.  The book is in audio edits and then I’m told it takes about two weeks from upload time until it hits vendors (Amazon, Audible and iTunes).  I’ll let you know as soon as it’s live.  I’m thrilled to be expanding my audio offerings and hope this is the first of several projects you’ll see (or hear!) this year.